“We may not be able to prevent every tragedy, but—at a bare minimum—we shouldn’t be making it so easy for potential terrorists or criminals to get their hands on a gun that they could use against Americans,” President Obama continued. Yesterday, the FBI announced it would investigate the shooting, carried out by husband and wife, Syez Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, as a terrorist attack. Malik was believed to have been radicalized in Saudi Arabia, before she came to the United States.

“This tragedy reminds us of our obligation to do everything in our power, together, to keep our communities safe,” Obama said. “We know that the killers in San Bernardino used military-style assault weapons—weapons of war—to kill as many people as they could. It’s another tragic reminder that here in America it’s way too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun.”


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Image via YouTube screenshot/WhiteHouse.gov.