On June 2nd, a 49-year-old woman named Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther disappeared only hours before she was due to deliver a baby via C-section. Now, the police have confirmed that Bradshaw-Crowther has been found alive and well in Boone, North Carolina, over 150 miles from where she disappeared.

Bradshaw-Crowther’s disappearance was a distinctly strange case. Last Tuesday, she told her daughter, who was supposed to drive her to her C-section, to go get gas at a nearby filling station. Minutes later, when Bradshaw-Crowther’s daughter returned, the pregnant woman was nowhere to be found. The door to her house was unlocked and her car was missing as well.

According to WSOC-TV, police found Bradshaw-Crowther after she used her credit card at a gas station in Boone. When police called the station and inquired as to whether the woman who had used the ATM looked like Bradshaw-Crowther, they were told her appearance was similar, but that the woman didn’t look pregnant. Bradshaw-Crowther was apprehended a short time later. WSOC-TV reports that she immediately identified herself as soon as she was approached. “I am Carrie,” she said.

Bradshaw-Crowther is currently recuperating and undergoing evaluations at a Boone hospital. Her family is eager to see her and learn why she fled just before giving birth. Her car has been recovered in good condition, and police report that she must have spent at least one night at a nearby hotel.

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