The Prancing Elites, aka the greatest thing to come out of Alabama since Harper Lee, will not be allowed to walk in a New Year's Eve parade they were scheduled to attend, as fallout from their supposedly "shocking" but really totally awesome Christmas parade performance continues.

Last week, the group sparked controversy in the town of Semmes, Alabama, following a performance that some boring old biddies could just not deal with, FFS. Now, the Moonpie Over Mobile Parade has 86'd plans to have the precision dance troupe walk in the annual New Year's Eve parade.


HOWEVER! They will show you how to work on New Year's Eve after all!

The all male dance group will be putting on a free show at 10:00 p.m. December 31 outside of Hayley's, located at 278 Dauphin St. After performing at Hayley's, the group plans to move and groove all over downtown.

You cannot keep an elite prancer down, folks. Just don't even try it.

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