​Gay Male Dance Group Sparks Controversy At Alabama Christmas Parade

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They call themselves the "Prancing Elites" and all they wanted to do was be part of a Christmas parade. But they ended up causing a controversy, just for dancing their normal routine.


The annual Christmas Parade in Semmes, Alabama made big news this weekend when the dance troupe say they were met with unexpected jeers during their performance. Via Fox 10:

Group Captain Kentrell Collins said he had every reason to believe the routine would be welcomed at the Semmes Christmas parade. After all, they were invited. "I said we're all over 21 and we're guys. [The parade organizer] was so excited. She was like I didn't know they had any groups like that in Mobile," Collins said.

But instead of being awestruck by their totally incredible dance skills (seriously, why did I drop out of all those modern jazz classes?), the dancers say they were met with not-so-friendly rebukes. "Some of them were saying stuff like Oh my God, what's that?" is how dancer Adrian Clemons described some of the comments from spectators as they marched by.

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One parade goer, Claudia Davis, said she was "outraged and appalled" over the performance. Because a couple of high kicks and twirls are just BATSHIT CRAZY I GUESS.


"If they were gonna put this kind of activity in the parade, they should have notified the people of Semmes so that we had a choice whether we wanted out children to attend and see something like that," Davis said.

Of course, Collins and the other Prancing Elites members are gracious as all hell,(ALABAMA HOLLA!), offering apologies to those who were offended.


"We do want to apologize if we offended anybody who did not know who we were before today, but still at the end of the day, we only just came to dance and we did get invited," Colllins said.

A group called The Friends of Semmes organized the Christmas parade this year, but according to Davis all that's going to end BECAUSE FUNTIME IS OVER. She said the city council will take charge of the event next year, to make sure her precious child never ever has to see a gay black man kick his legs up in a parade ever again.


But whatever, uptight party poopers in Semmes! The Prancing Elites are about tear it up all over Mobile anyway, with gigs booked for New Year's Eve and Mardi Gras.

I just want to add that I was born not to far from this area (I keep close ties there, as a matter of fact) and NOPE, Ms. Claudia Davis, your opinions certainly do not reflect all those of the good people of Mobile County. Not in the least, girl.


Check out their performance for yourself here:

Screengrabs via AL.com and Fox10


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