Powerful Posters Cleverly Highlight Sexual Assault Awareness

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These posters from Missoula's Intervention in Action Project, a group of community organizations dedicated to ending sexual violence, provide an excellent twist ending to some of the awful, creepy, hateful expressions we're all so damn tired of hearing.

Not only do they call out rape culture in an eye-catching way, they also brilliantly highlight the idea of heros in waiting — the thought that any of us are capable of intervening in uncomfortable situations. It's not always possible, but sometimes just being told that speaking up is the right thing to do gives us the agency to act. See something, say something — and maybe even save a life. It's powerful stuff.

[Make Your Move Missoula via UpWorthy]

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Is anyone else bothered by the phrasing here? No way to treat "a lady"? I feel like the shitty, misogynist response to this ad is like "well, she ain't no lady." Dunno. It irks me.