Powerful Photos Celebrate the Effects of Birth on Women's Bodies

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Photographer and mom Jade Beall is using her skills behind the camera to document what happens to women's bodies when they give birth. It's pretty remarkable stuff.


Speaking to Huffington Post:

"We are facing an epidemic of women who feel unworthy of being called beautiful," Beall told HuffPost, describing a world in which "nearly all of us struggle to feel beautiful in our own skin." And the expectations faced by women who have given birth are particularly harsh. "Shaming mothers for not 'bouncing back' after childbirth can cause feelings of failure when being a mother is challenging enough and when a big number of us have already lived a life of feeling un-beautiful prior to giving birth," she says.


The pictures are gorgeous, and a reminder of how fucking amazing women's bodies are. I mean, dude, we are basically magic. We grow life inside our wombs and then we push a fucking brand new human being out our vagina. We're nature's easy bake oven, and damn straight our bodies have the scars to prove that.

[Huffington Post, Jade Beall]

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Help me Obi Wan whoever the fuck you are

I'm fat. Not chunky or chubby. Fat. I used to be so ashamed. Even at my thinnest, when I was working so hard every moment of every day to stay a size 18, I hated myself.

Then I got pregnant. I was so scared of what would happen to my body when it changed and OH MY GOD did it change. Stretch marks, sciatica, hair growth and loss, zits everywhere, huge breasts, a stomach so big that it finally balanced out my monumental ass, and weirdest of all a widened nose...but somewhere in there I found love for my body. I could look at every inch of it and say "yes. This is ok." Once my daughter was born I suddenly forgave myself for everything and apologized to myself for the torture I had subjected my body and mind to. I will never (NEVER) show my daughter body shame. Because I just don't feel it anymore.

I love these photos for reaffirming that. I'm adding them to my "tools for raising a feminist" file.