Post-Apocalyptic YA Novel The Young World to Be Made into Movie

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Yesterday, Warner Brothers won a bidding war for the movie rights to The Young World, the first in a trilogy of post-apocalyptic YA novels about a cataclysmic event that kills off everyone on earth not between the ages of 12 and 21. PARTY! Oh shit, nevermind, I would totally be dead.

The trilogy's author is Chris Weitz — he and his brother Paul are behind the American Pie franchise and he directed New Moon, but he'll always be Chuck from Chuck and Buck (suck and fuck!) to me! — will also direct the film.

While many people will compare this to The Hunger Games, Jezebel's Deputy editor Dodai told me to check out The Tribe, New Zealand's TV series about a wandering groups of children and teenagers who have to run shit/survive after a deadly virus wipes out all the adults. The show ran from 1999-2003, but I just so happen to be staying at a friend's house who has the DVDs and HOLY SHIT IT'S SO GOOD. Let's talk about it all day, okay??


Also, according to series creator Raymond Thompson, a movie based on the television series was said to be in early stages of production, with a release date set for late 2014. I wonder if The Young World will be a problem for that — or if this will be another Olympus Has Fallen and the White House Is Down type situation with more than one movie coming out at around the same time? Let us pray.

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Does anyone remember a book with a similar premise? It wasn't a trilogy, but I remember reading it when I was about 7, so it would have been about 16 years ago, and the only difference was that, at least to my memory, the virus killed off everyone over the age of 13. Am I somehow just misremembering this book, or does anyone know what I'm talking about?