'Portrait Artist of the Year' Paints Pregnant Duchess Kate in a Bra

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Kate Middleton just can't catch a break*. From the horrifying authorized portrait earlier this year to this frightening rendition of Kate in lingerie she probably purchased at the clearance rack at Ross Dress for Less. The latter (shown above) is from the loins of the imagination of 25-year-old portrait artist Nick Lord. Sadly, the Pregnant Leopard (my name) isn't the painting that won any awards.


No, Lord won the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition last night for his portrait of Iraq war veteran Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry. The painting will be displayed in the National Portrait Gallery. So, the man who painted the above also has a painting in the National Portrait Gallery. And all is right in the world.


His next subject? Hilary Mantel, best known for her excellent novel Wolf Hall. I bet the master of historical fiction is already picking out her sexiest negligee.

*JK obviously she's caught lots of breaks; she's a GD PRINCESS.

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I have complicated feelings about nude or nude-ish/sexualized portraits of women made without their consent. On the one hand, I believe absolutely in making art with impunity and not limiting artists and the conversations they provoke. On the other, what are you actually saying by doing this? We already treat women's bodies as public property, so what are you coming up against or playing with? I'd never say you shouldn't do this, but one hopes it's not just done for the quick aesthetic shock of seeing a familiar female face in a vulnerable position.