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Poll: Who Else Should Weigh In on the Sex and the City Drama?

The woman in the middle of this photo is us. Image via Getty.
The woman in the middle of this photo is us. Image via Getty.

The Sex and the City drama that’s happening over a sequel nobody wants to see has become the greatest Shakespearean saga of our time. Many of the show’s popular characters have weighed in, but what does Magda have to add to the discourse?


Those of us with sense can agree that a third SATC movie should not be made, ever. We know Kim Cattrall wanted no part of it. (And also, that she did not ruin production and was never friends with SJP.) Sarah Jessica Parker did want a sequel. And so did Kristen Davis, who was really sad. Then again, really hopeful! Cynthia Nixon probably thinks everyone should relax. Mr. Big was like, “Nope, don’t care.” Smith Jerrod, still heartbroken from being dumped by Samantha, sided with SJP, aka he just wants to keep food on his table. Even this guy said something.

Way more people still need to chime in: Should there be a sequel? Does Cattrall have a point? Is SJP right? We have to solve this.


Vote and tell us whom the world needs to hear from.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Ideally someone who wouldn’t stand to make a big paycheque from a third SatC film, and who would have some vague pretence of being objective.