A 43-year-old woman was attacked by a bison during a trip to Yellowstone National Park when she—what else—tried to take a selfie with it. The woman was visiting from Mississippi with her daughter when they turned around to get into selfie stance and heard the click-clack of hooves moving toward them. They tried to run, but the bison caught the mom, “lifted her up and tossed her with its head,” the National Park Service said in a statement according to Time. Luckily, she suffered only minor injuries and was released from the hospital the same day.

The woman had been the fifth person to be attacked by a bison this summer. In May, a teen was gored when she tried taking a bison selfie, also at Yellowstone. Do you think it was the same animal? No pictures, please! Another similar incident happened recently when a San Diego man was bitten by a rattlesnake after attempting to take a picture it. He was left with a zombie arm and a $153K hospital bill.


Selfies are not going away anytime soon, but why must people continue to put themselves in danger with these wild creature selfies? Before you hold up your phone to snap an Instagram pic with that dangerous animal, ask yourself, “Is this really worth it?” Stick to forcing your domestic pet to take one with you, instead. It will be annoyed just the same, but most likely won’t impale you like a bison would.

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