Please God, Let Larry Flynt Buy the Playboy Mansion and Live With Hugh Hefner

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The Playboy Mansion is currently up for sale, with the rather substantial catch that Hugh Hefner wants to live out the rest of his days on site. Well, great news: Hustler’s Larry Flynt is reportedly interested!


Just picture it: Flynt and Hefner surrounded by dirty socks and sticky VHS tapes, trying to contact Penthouse founder Bob Guccione via Ouija board.

This report comes via the Daily News:

“Larry (Flynt) and I have talked about it and are preparing a bid,” says Harry Mohney, whose Déjà Vu company operates the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club chain, which includes a Manhattan location on W. 51st St. “We feel it is an excellent place for The Hustler Club and Hustler Mansion.”

According to Mohney, Hustler would move their own staff into the 29-room estate and host “at least” three parties per week for VIP guests. He also says those gatherings would out-Hef the parties Hefner has been throwing there for 45-years.

Of course, this news comes just days after Flynt told TMZ that he wasn’t interested in the palace that softcore porn built. First he insisted he didn’t have the money, then he said, “I don’t want his sticky sheets.” If this is more than the ol’ publicity rigamarole, Mohney told the Daily News that Hefner would have to go, and it sounds like it would be a company acquisition rather that a home for Flynt.

But come on: Surely all these businesspeople can see the media potential, here? The only question is which would be better: A single, two-hour movie (working title: Larry and Hef Take the Mansion) or a reality TV show where Flynt and Hefner grouse at each other about the comparative quality of their two publications and also the contents of the communal refrigerator until one of them kicks the bucket.

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My face as I thought too deeply about Larry and Hef in the mansion. It would be the old, pornman version of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?.