Please Don't See Passengers, Watch This Blooper Reel Instead

Screengrab via Facebook

In lieu of watching Passengers, that bad space movie with some people you might like, please watch this blooper reel instead. I promise you it is better.

Courtesy of Vulture, here’s Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Lawrence Fishburne goofing around on a set of a luxurious space ship, flubbing their lines and making each other laugh. See how nice this is? Look how they chortle when Lawrence Fishburne says “Uranus.” Ha ha ha ha, watch Jennifer Lawrence run in a space suit! Relish in the full-throated laughter of celebrities making whoopsie-daisys on set, just joking around, you know, like regular people.


Really, I love a good blooper reel. This one’s perfectly fine; it has a whiff of pre-planning, like they realized halfway through filming that the movie they were making was going to be so bad that they’d need something to endear a purchasing public to buy or rent this thing when it comes out on DVD in a week or so.

Still! It’s better than the movie. Don’t watch the movie, but if you want to feel like you have, you can watch this 80 times in a row and I imagine that’ll be a similar experience.

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