Please Do Not Do This to Avocados or Hamburgers

This image you see here is a representation of the evils that Instagram hath wrought on normal, regular food that you eat every day.


Despite my numerous protestations, shouted into the void of my empty apartment, this befuddling concoction is actually real. Mashable reports that the avocado “bun” is the creation of one Colette Dike of Foodecco, an Amsterdam-based food stylist who clearly has not taken into consideration the logistics of eating a hamburger sandwiched between the smooth and slippery halves of a skinned avocado.

In her own words, as told to Mashable:

“I like to create ‘fresh take’ ideas on classics. ... Furthermore I love to think of new cutting techniques ... especially using avocado, since its so photogenic and of course yummy.”

Look at this breakfast sandwich. Don’t let those sesame seeds on top fool you; this is still an avocado, not a bun you bought in a pack of eight from the grocery store on your way to the barbecue.

An avocado is not a bun for a hamburger. A hamburger is not an appropriate food item to sandwich in between two halves of a denuded avocado. It is nothing short of a logistical nightmare. How, precisely, would one consume this meal? Hamburgers are tricky beasts in and of themselves. A bun, seeded and squishy and most importantly absorbent, is the best vehicle for that free-range, hand-ground Niman Ranch burger that you’re about to eat. Buns prevent you from going about the rest of your day looking like the outtake of a Carl’s Jr commercial. They are there for a reason.

As an avid consumer of both avocados and hamburgers, I implore you from the bottom of my heart: please do not use an avocado as a hamburger bun.

Senior Writer, Jezebel



I pride myself on being an adventurous eater but this is an abomination, and I will have no part of it.