Plan B's Advertising Pleases Us, Pisses Off Conservatives

We're liking this Plan B commercial currently in heavy rotation on cable television because it's realistic — depicting women waking up alone and having to deal with morning-after bullshit on their own.

The gist of the commercial is that all women have to deal with this alone, so actually, in a way, we're all in it together. We also like that, unlike most birth control pill commercials, many of the women in this commercial are single.


We caught this when it aired during Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, but, according to a piece in today's AdAge, conservative groups like Concerned Women for America are making a stink over the fact that a web banner ad for Plan B is running on, with one "Concerned" woman saying, "Plan B makes it sound like you can make a mistake and have a do-over, it's irresponsible." (The ad isn't explicit, and merely directs people to the Plan B website with the tagline "Because the unexpected happens.")

'Morning-After Pill' Catches Flak For Ad [Ad Age]


The first time i saw this commercial i was really mad. But reading other peoples comments I can understand the commercials good points now.

There is only thing about this commercial that still pisses me off:

They show a girl looking at apartment listings in a window with her (assumed) bf (otherwise why else would she be pointing out apartments?)

I am in this situation (in a relationship long enough that we are planning on moving in together) and i know that if i had to get plan B i would drag his ass to the pharmacy with me and make him pay half.

So why are none of these women going to the pharmacy with their significant others (or just sex partners)?

Even if i had to get plan B because of casual sex, i would surely drag my sex partners ass to the pharmacy with me and/or make him shell out 25 bucks to cover half.

I get that they should show some women going alone to say "hey we have your back, even if you think youre in this alone", but im tired of men having to bear no responsibility when it comes to BC.

So yea, i wish this commercial showed that men should have some responsibility in the matter, even if it is just paying for half.