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Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Pizza Is Both Extraordinary and Repulsive

Illustration for article titled Pizza Huts Cheeseburger Pizza Is Both Extraordinary and Repulsive

This roughly 3,000 calorie pizza features ten mini burgers topped with mozzarella embedded around the crust. It is then topped with all the toppings in the world and served with fat-filled dipping sauce (ketchup?). Thankfully, it's only available in the Middle East and UK, but it's rumored to be heading west. Pizza the Hut would be proud!


One question: Who came up with this? My bet is either a focus group of wasted and/or stoned teenagers or a computer completely divorced from human logic that is like "based on my computations, the combination of cheeseburger and pizza will result in a thirty percent uptick in profits."

Next stop? Taco Town.



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Oh LAWDDD, I went to a Pizza Hut in Germany and...

1. It was a fancy sit down restaurant.

2. The menu has some of the most disgusting concoctions I have ever seen. Honestly I think the European and Middle Eastern Pizza Hut's are making their menus based on what they imagine Americans eat.

3. Americans would go nuts for this shit.

4. Check out this bunny: