Last night's episode of True Blood saw Antonia Gavilán of Logroño declaring, "I am returned." She has taken over Marnie's body, and we have no idea where Marnie's poor soul is — maybe on a nice vacation in some kind of tropical paradise? In any case, four hundred years ago, Antonia was tortured, raped and burned at the stake by vampires. She is still pretty upset about it. And she's now found a kindred spirit in Tara, who was attacked by Pam, then broke up with her girlfriend and cried her eyes out. Misery loves company, and the downtrodden love revenge, and as Antonia told Tara, "we are alike." Antonia drafted Tara to help her destroy all vampires by forming a witchy circle, controlling each vamp and sending them into the sun. Some vamps — Eric, Pam, Bill — managed to bind themselves in silver so they would not die. But at the end of the ep, it certainly looked like poor babyvamp Jessica opened the doors of the mansion and let the sunshine in. Damn.

Also in this episode, Lafayette learned that he is a medium. But does that explain the gorgeous ghost who showed up in the kitchen and sang a French lullaby to Arlene's creepy baby?

Also? This. Was. Amazing.

Other moments of note:

  • Sookie and Eric having sex all over her house and cuddling. "Would you still want me?"
  • Pam's beauty treatments.
  • Lafayette: "Can we go back to how I'm a medium?" You have the magic. "Well you could have just fucking said so."
  • Andy Bellefleur's disastrous date.
  • Debbie thinks Alcide is in love with Sookie, and decides to announce it during sex.
  • Jessica: "I don't know if I can go back to Hoyt… I don't have a human heart anymore."
  • "When we survive the day I am going to eat that fucking witch. Starting with her face."

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