Since You Can't Remember Anything, Let's Have Sex

In storytelling and dream analysis, the forest is a symbol of one's unconscious. During last night's episode of True Blood, the forest was where hearts, souls and naked bodies were revealed. For instance: The woods were where Sookie finally banged her amnesiac crush, Eric. There's always been an electricity between these two, but wouldn't it have been hotter if they'd hooked up when Eric was the bloodthirsty ill-tempered Viking god instead of this wounded, memory-erased puppy?

In some other part of the woods, Jason and Jessica had a little rendez-vous. They're growing close, partly because he has her blood in his system, and partly because they're both hot and he loves hot chicks and she loves man candy. Since being gang-raped, Jason is a lot more reflective and introspective. And he knows not to mess with his best friend's girlfriend, but how long will that last?


Also of note:

  • It's cool that he didn't kill Eric, but Bill has become insufferable. Just the most annoying, ever.
  • Did Arelene's baby burn the house down, or was it that creepy-ass doll?
  • Tommy is a skinwalker now, and using his powers for evil.
  • Jessica says, "Picture something that makes you feel happy and safe," and Jason focuses on her breasts.
  • Marnie is now Antonia and Father Luis is on Bill's staff.
  • Debbie and the new packmaster are a snooze.
  • Lafayette and Jesus's trip to grandpa's house has been weird. But it looks like Lafayette will finally realize his power as a witch?

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I think Charlaine Harris did a much better job than Alan Ball at allowing amnesia Eric to maintain some of the saucy playfullness of Viking Eric. That's why this story line is becoming a disappointment and the chemistry (between Eric and me) has almost completely evaporated. I also thought the sex scene was shot through a Martha Stewart gauzy lens and the camera was too far away. Compared to the intimacy of the close ups from Sookie and Bill's first time (or their graveyard sex or their angry hate/makeup sex) it felt like a daytime soap. Also I wish he bit her.

I think Jessica is going to die. Her speech last night about how she loved being a vampire seemed like a death warrant.

And how could there be priest vampires? Wouldn't everyone notice that they only came out for nighttime services? And how would all the Spaniards have figured out they were vampires when Antonia summoned them? Wouldn't they assume that it was just the witchy magic setting random priests and nuns on fire?