Pippa Middleton, Columnist, Has Been Fired From the Daily Telegraph

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Pippa Middleton, despite all of her Royalness by proxy, has been fired by the Daily Telegraph, where she was a “Sport and Social” columnist. Tragedy!

According to US Weekly, after six months of bits on "underwater cycling" and "flipping pancakes" the readers just “weren’t into” the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister.

“There was a lot of negative mail coming in after each column and there were too many off-limit subjects for her. They ran out of ideas,” a source told the magazine.


Apparently this was Pippa's second effort into the literary world; the first wasn't so successful either. In 2011, she released a party planning book that didn’t sell very well. But, let’s be honest, Pippa's sister is literally royalty and she’s aunt to the cutest Prince Britain’s seen since his father and uncle were kids. I think she’ll be alright. Besides, she's still got Vanity Fair.

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Sincere question: Kate went to the same school as Wills, so I assume the Middleton kids had a good education. So I'm honestly (and naively, I guess) surprised at how not-very-smart she comes off. I know there are kids who just don't do well in school no matter how expensive or impressive the school is. But it still doesn't compute. Is she just an easy target because she doesn't write well or lazy and therefore doesn't put time into doing anything well? The Middletons strike me as being at least business-smart.