Pickup Artist's Creepy Classes No Longer Welcome At USC

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Yesterday we learned that wannabe pickup artist Armando Romero was attempting to use USC's name and facilities to host creepy PUA events. Now the university informs us he won't be allowed to do that anymore.


In response to my queries, USC's Assistant Vice President for Media Relations Carl Marziali sent me the following email:

I checked with our director of trademark licensing and social responsibility, Matthew Curran, who stated: "This individual is not authorized to use the university's trademarks, name or logos. We will be contacting him to formally request that he cease from doing so."

Also, at the request of USC Libraries, Information Technology Services disabled the individual's USC email account for misuse of university resources.


Romero's "USC Dating Services" page has been removed from Facebook. So, as I speculated, it is not okay for a USC alum to host a "Picking Up Chicks 101" seminar at a university library, or to use the university's name to promote his objectionable "services." Opportunistic PUAs everywhere take note.

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Anyone who uses the phrase "pick up chicks" should never, ever get laid, ever. It is not code for "build self-esteem." It is not code for "overcome shyness." It is not code for "reduce social anxiety." You know what's helpful for problems like low self-esteem, shyness and social anxiety? Therapy. Not some dudebro who will waste your time teaching you how to alert women within ten seconds of meeting you that you are only interested in them as a pathway to sexual status among your male peers. Seriously. PUA is not about relating to women. If it was, it wouldn't focus entirely on "how to get a woman to want to have sex with you." Shy men, men with social anxiety, men with low self-esteem probably could use some help learning how to start conversations and read women's signals. But when the advice they're getting is geared only toward the attraction/sex part of the social spectrum, I seriously question their motives.

To the dudes in here defending the PUA community: This is a blog FULL of women, most of whom have some higher education, most of whom have had some combination of casual and serious relationships with men. And they are ALL expressing distaste and disdain for the PUA method. Because most of them have had a guy or guys try that on them before. Most women over the age of 23 can smell bullshit a mile away, and/or have had very negative experiences with men whose primary motive was to get them to bed. As far as I'm concerned, any guy who is actually interested in women as humans could come in here and conclude—quite quickly—that the best way to interact with them is NOT to give himself some dumb nickname to use in real life, or use terms like "escalate" and "HB." Seriously. If you're in here telling a bunch of women what we ought to like, and why our dislike of PUA is wrong, then you have failed to learn the most basic piece of the human interaction puzzle. Try again.