Yesterday we learned that wannabe pickup artist Armando Romero was attempting to use USC's name and facilities to host creepy PUA events. Now the university informs us he won't be allowed to do that anymore.


In response to my queries, USC's Assistant Vice President for Media Relations Carl Marziali sent me the following email:

I checked with our director of trademark licensing and social responsibility, Matthew Curran, who stated: "This individual is not authorized to use the university's trademarks, name or logos. We will be contacting him to formally request that he cease from doing so."

Also, at the request of USC Libraries, Information Technology Services disabled the individual's USC email account for misuse of university resources.

Romero's "USC Dating Services" page has been removed from Facebook. So, as I speculated, it is not okay for a USC alum to host a "Picking Up Chicks 101" seminar at a university library, or to use the university's name to promote his objectionable "services." Opportunistic PUAs everywhere take note.