Yesterday, USC's Leavey Library played host to an unusual event: a seminar entitled "Picking Up Chicks 101." The organizer turns out to be a university alum involved in a small business venture that's colorful to say the least.

A tipster sent us the flyer at left, which was posted on the USC campus. It advertises "A FREE info session On Picking Up Girls," allegedly "Coached by USC Alumni." It appears, however, to have been organized by one alum in particular โ€” Armando Romero, USC '10.

On Sunday afternoon, Romero advertised the seminar on Craigslist. The ad read, in part,

I have always fascinated about woman but until recently I have started to have some overwhelming success. I am currently sleeping with four girls and have a fresh date this Sunday. One of those four girls is my current exclusive girlfriend (according to her hahah). I have slept with a total of 26 girls throughout my lifetime. This number could be higher but i have decided to change my focus on other things at this time. I know there is content online about how to pick up girls. I recommend you check it out but do not become a 100% observer of the data out there since it may confuse you. Picking up girls is a very easy way of going about it-it just takes practice.


While juggling four women, including his "exclusive" girlfriend (hahah), Romero also maintains a rudimentary blog about pickup artistry. And he's listed on Facebook as the founder of USC Dating Services, an organization whose tagline is "No matter where you are in your dating life, we can always grow." The group's Facebook wall suggests than in addition to the pickup seminar, USC Dating Services may have hosted a speed dating event โ€” however, the page provides no details.

"Picking Up Chicks 101" doesn't seem to be the kind of event a university would want its name associated with, especially since the organizer references his habit of lying to women in the event's promotional materials. However, a quick check of the Leavey Library's event space protocols reveals that the basement room where the pickup seminar was held can be reserved online with just a USC email address, which Romero may have maintained from his student days. The library's website does note that "All reservations are subject to Leavey Library administrative approval. The Head of Leavey Library reserves the right to cancel reservations in the event of extenuating circumstances." I've contacted the Leavey Library administrative staff to find out whether "Picking Up Chicks" in fact received approval, and whether its content violated any standards for appropriate use of university space. I've also reached out to USC Media Relations to find out if USC Dating Services is authorized to use the USC name. I'm looking forward to finding out how the university feels about serving as a springboard for a wannabe pickup artist's creepy career.