Get ready for some The Walking Dead-style chills and thrills as the masterful Sonya Belosouva bangs out the show's theme song. Unfortunately, she's also clueless and doesn't realize she's surrounded by the flesh-eating undead. Better run, girl!


This is apparently (the beginning of?) something called "Cosplay Piano" and the creators are taking suggestions for what shows to do next. Looks like Firefly takes a the natural lead, but I could get into something a little more unexpected — perhaps some Punky Brewster? Mr. Belvedere? Pretty Little Liars?

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Also the girl with the handgun is America Young from Comediva's excellent series "The BAMF Girls Club" (she plays Katness Everdeen). Basically the series can be summed up as "Katness, Hermione, Michonne, Lisbeth Salander...and Bella Swann all live in a house."