Pete Davidson and Margaret Qualley Are Film Festival Official

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Pete Davidson is doing the only thing left for a 25-year-old man who was engaged to Ariana Grande before rebounding with Kate Beckinsale to do—moving on. He seems to have chosen a perfectly lovely, yet slightly more low-key, partner with whom to move away from the spotlit scrutiny of his previous relationships in the burgeoningly famous daughter of Andie MacDowell, Margaret Qualley.


The two recently appeared together at the premiere of Qualley’s new film Seberg, and though Davidson remains perhaps questionably committed to his previous relationship with that platinum hair color, his new romance with Qualley seems to be progressing quite nicely:

One day ago, the two were spotted arriving at Venice’s Marco Polo Airport. An eyewitness said the pair definitely looked like a couple and were seen laughing and chatting together. Although, the observer noted there wasn’t any excessive PDA. The duo grabbed their bags and stopped to speak to a few fans before heading off in the same car.”

Though Davidson didn’t appear on the red carpet alongside Qualley, who previously appeared in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as a Manson girl, he sat nearby in the theater and cleaned up decently. Previous reports say Qualley is “excited about” Davidson, and after a very rough past couple of years, it is heartlukewarming to see someone excited about Pete. [E! News]

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Mortal Dictata

I’m surprised that so many people are looking to date a 25 year old (I keep thinking he’s like 32 or something) who moves between relationships rather fast and appears unable to deal with his self-destructive behaviour, like that rather strange rant at a uni the other day.

What is it about him that seems to from a distance look like a good bet as a stable relationship?