Pet Photographer Says Better Photos Save Shelter Dogs' Lives

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Teresa Berg of Dallas, Texas is a professional pet photographer who specializes in glamour shots for shelter dogs. She believes that thousands of dogs are euthanized every year simply because the photos posted on adoption sites show them in a cage, looking like they're thinking about biting your three-year-old. Several years ago, she started volunteering to retake dogs' photos for a dachshund rescue group, and now she encourages other professional photographers to donate their services and teaches shelter employees to take more appealing pet photos.



I heart this lady. Black cats and dogs have lower adoption rates because they're so difficult to photograph.

The shelter where Mr. Teebear and I adopted our two new furrybabies does the most amazing thing, and posted Youtube videos of a majority of their cats interacting with staff. Not only did this provide much better shots of the cats, it gave you insight into their personalities and relative sizes (important when you live in an apartment).

We're so grateful to them, and one of our new little kitty loaves is a black tom whose friendly personality came across both on camera and in person.