First there was a Tinder for dog lovers, and now there’s a site that matches people to adoptable dogs, based on the user’s personality.

PawLikeMe is a free service that matches potential dog parents to pups that fit their lifestyle and personality. According to a press statement, adopters complete a short quiz, enter in their zip code and the results will display available dogs in the area. The personality assessment, which is based on four traits including energy, focus, confidence and independence, can help determine who your soul pup may be —whether you are the type who wants a canine companion to go on hikes with you, or the kind that prefers a lazy ball of fur who wants nothing more than to literally Netflix and chill. Users can further filter their results by other personal preferences such as age, size or breed.


This isn’t the first pet matchmaking-site of its kind. BarkBuddy came out last year, but was more like Tinder in the sense that you’d swipe left or right, depending on your interest in the pup. PawsLikeMe seems more closer to an OkCupid for future dog parents, since it uses an algorithm — one that has proven a more than 90 percent accuracy rate — to pair people up with compatible dogfriends.

Now all we need is a dog delivery service where we can rent cool pups to hang out with for the day.

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