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There's Finally a Tinder for Adoptable Dogs

Illustration for article titled Theres Finally a Tinder for Adoptable Dogs

Truly, we live in an age of technological wonders: There is now a Tinder for dogs. For adopting, not dating. (That would be weird.)


According to TechCrunch, "BarkBuddy" is the work of the company behind BarkBox. There's around 300,000 adoptable pups on the app right now. And just like on Tinder, you swipe left or right depending on your level of interest in the dog, which allows the app to deliver recommendations. Come on, you know you need a shelter pal! Unfortunately it's currently available only for dogs and iPhone.

Even if your landlord frowns on anything more than a goldfish, though, this still sounds like a pretty entertaining way to pass the time. Many photos are pulled from PetFinder, so it's essentially just an effective way to browse the world's best website. (True story: A genius friend of a friend used to email around cats of the week, sourced from PetFinder.) Also, you can forward listings to Facebook friends.


Endlessly scrolling through photos of dogs is probably a better use of your toilet time than 2048. Or, for that matter, Tinder for humans.

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I think everyone needs to take this opportunity to post pictures of your dogs so that I can pretend to pet them. I have a lot of love to give. Thanks.