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Persian Kitty Taking Shower Is So Fresh and So Clean

A few observations: please read the note atop the screen and heed her words; I bet "happenstance" was the kitten hopping in the shower one day on her own; and I love that bathing suit!


Finally, I STRONGLY suggest you put it on mute and queue this music:

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I have a fun cat-bath story.

It's Election Day, 2004. I'd just gotten back from the elementary school after throwing my vote away on Ralph Nader (LOL). It was my first apartment and first experience living alone, no roommate, so I took frequent advantage of the opportunity to pee with the door open.

I had also just adopted my buddy Heyzeus, a gorgeous grey tabby who still passes for Russian Blue. I'd held in about five gallons of piss for hours and was now unleashing in it a mad torrent, when my new friend dashed into the bathroom and jumped into the bowl.

We stared at each other for a few seconds that seemed like a year while we both tried to process what was happening. Then he hopped out and did a few laps around the apartment, being sure to run on my bed, dripping piss and toilet water everywhere. I had to give him and my apartment a bath.