People Love Lin-Manuel Miranda So Much His Old Rap Improv Show Is Coming Back

Lin-Manuel Miranda, your impossibly cool dad, has a lot going on besides starring in the most obnoxiously successful musical in history and probably crushing all the awards at the Tonys on Sunday. An old show about his freestyle rap improv group will be available for streaming this summer.

Episodes of Freestyle Love Supreme—a live improv event with freestyles that incorporate audience members—premieres July 23 (*Correction: It’s June 23) on NBC’s streaming channel Seeso. The relaunch brings with it additional material from the cast that anchored the show, which originally aired in 2014 and includes Hamilton’s Christopher Jackson.

In a press release, Miranda called Freestyle Love Supreme a “touchstone” and said: “It’s crazy to think about how long we’ve been performing as a group. The number of boy bands we’ve outlived in that time is staggering! No matter what happens in each of our lives, we all come back to Freestyle Love Supreme.”


So we’ll still see this talented man in our faces after his impending Hamilton exit disrupts the cosmos. Here he is rapping about your college breakfast-lunch-dinner staple Ramen in the repackaged edition of Freestyle Love Supreme.

And here’s footage of Lin-Manuel and the Freestyle Love Supreme crew back in the olden days of 2013.

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This Mambo Kills Fascists

I love Manuelito as much as any reasonable person does but Daveed OH DAVEED DIGGS is the cat’s meow. Or the pooch’s growl. Someone give this man a TV show/movie franchise/National Medal of Honor already!