Lin-Manuel's Hamilton Time Is Up and All Hell May Break Loose

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Lucifer clasps his sooty hands together, as he sits behind a bright red-orange desk surrounded by flames, wearing a black Snuggie. He tosses his head back, unleashes a piercing cackle and pounds on the desk, knocking his scepter off in the process. “Yes,” he whispers. “Hamilton is crumbling.”


The end of Hamilton is probably a long way off. But to Lucifer’s delight, the day many overzealous Hamilton fans feared is approaching: Lin-Manuel Miranda will soon be out, allegedly on July 9. He’s got other things to do.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Miranda, 36, has told confidants he will depart the show then to work on other projects. He wrote music for the Disney animated musical Moana (in theaters Nov. 23); The Weinstein Co. has picked up movie rights to his first Broadway musical, In the Heights; he’ll star with Emily Blunt in Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns; Hamilton touring productions are in the works; and he has seeds of an idea for a new musical, he has told friends. It’s unclear if Miranda would perform in the show periodically (rather than the eight shows a week he currently does), and producers declined to comment on his status.

With Miranda departing, the remaining cast members for the show—which earns around $1.6 million a week—are reportedly seeking raises. (July 9 is also when the cast’s contracts run out.) Sources tell THR the cast is “prepared to walk if they don’t get them,” which would surely set off the Hamilton Rapture.

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darleeeeeene aka deraaiilleeeeeene

I had so many good things happen to me this morning, and then this happened.

I really really hope they record it for PBS with him in it...I don’t need to see it live, but I do want to see it with this cast.