People Are For Real Paying $40 For Cronuts on Craigslist (For Real)

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Remember our good friend the cronut? It's a donut-croissant hybrid, and depending on your tolerance for whimsical pastries, it's either delightful or disturbing. Either way, you probably want one, and you better be prepared to work and to pay. I'm talking selling your laptop and using that money to purchase a ticket to Iceland, where you must locate the elusive Elder Huldufólken Bjorkgarfjörður and receive the first clue in your 59-step journey to cronut.


Eater reports that some desperate souls are laying out up to $40 on Craigslist for a taste of that sweet, sweet sugar dough. Here's how one entrepreneurial pastry lover is getting paid$$$:

I will be going down to Dominique Ansel Bakery tomorrow morning (Saturday May 25th) to beat the line and pick up the max of 6 CRONUTS allowed per customer. If you would like one of these devine creations I am willing to pick up and deliver them to your door for the below prices. Of course the max you can have me deliver is 5 Cronuts as I will be eating one myself.

Manhattan Delivery - $20 per Cronut ($25 above 59th Street)
Queens - $30 per Cronut
Brooklyn - $40 per Cronut

I will be picking up the Cronuts and delivering them promptly to your door step to enjoy with your Saturday breakfast!

I believe that's the exact same Craigslist ad Romulus Augustulus placed right before Rome fell to Odoacer.



It's unbelievable, isn't it, Bob? My best friend made $5000 a month selling cronuts from his home, and you can, too.