Paul Feig, Honorary Woman, Is Making a Lady James Bond Comedy

It's called Susan Cooper, and since it's from the funny feminist* co-creator of Freaks and Geeks and director of Bridesmaids, it'll probably be hilarious.


Since Bridesmaids grossed $288 million worldwide, Feig has been tasked with finding edgy R-rated comedies and other commercial properties in the same vein. Feig is currently searching for Susan Cooper's Susan Cooper, and Feig says it'll be a "realistic comedy about a female James Bond, rather than a parody along the lines of Get Smart or Johnny English." Exciting!

And Feig's not stopping there! He's also working to develop a mother-daughter comedy written by Katie Dippold, who penned his latest flick, The Heat. He's on fire!

*She exists! She just happens to be a he! That's not because there aren't plenty of funny ladies who would enjoy that role, but rather because it's what Hollywood will allow!

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