Patti LaBelle No Longer Slaps Mariah Carey

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This clip of Patti LaBelle on Busy Tonight is my favorite film of 2019.

There’s so much. Where to even start. Patti LaBelle has a personality she calls Priscilla who goes batshit when the Ajax is misplaced. Richard Pryor bought Patti LaBelle a car because he worried she wasn’t being paid enough. Patti LaBelle does not drive. Patti LaBelle appeared to be drinking red wine through a straw during this interview.

Patti LaBelle on goddaughter Mariah Carey: “I have to slap her every now and then. But she’s so phenomenal and so good, she doesn’t need to be slapped anymore. That’s my baby.”


Patti LaBelle’s advice to young women trying to break into the industry: “Keep your clothes on.”

This clip is only six minutes and fifty-eight seconds. Seven minutes’ worth of Patti LaBelle is a better documentary than anything on Netflix.


I am utterly charmed every single time Jameela Jamil does something like this:

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  • Megyn Kelly got 69 million dollars to go away. [US Weekly]
  • Meghan Markle’s family just never seems to go away. [People]
  • 50,000 of Cara Delevingne’s former Instagram followers have terrible R. Kelly opinions. Good riddance to bad rubbish. [E! News]


Madame Leota's Balls

A friend some years ago worked supporting an AIDS benefit I believe in Philadelphia where Patti was one of the guests/benefactors. She took a shine to him and invited him to dinner, which he dismissed just as talk. Imagine his surprise when she actually reached out to him soon afterwards to have him over for dinner with some other local guests. According to my friend, she is as real a person as this clip suggests, and while warm and welcoming, she also does not suffer fools whatsoever (a person after my own heart!). I’m always happy when a famous person turns out to not be faking what we think we see in public.