Paris Hilton Says Lindsay Lohan Is 'Beyond... Lame and Embarrassing'

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While paying a visit to the only nighttime talk show that matters, Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Paris Hilton played “Plead the Fifth,” a game in which celebrities are asked controversial questions, and of which they can only skip one. Seeing as Hilton is a bajillionaire with nothing to lose who could and arguably should quit tomorrow, she didn’t skip a single inquiry, even when the first one was, “Paris, you recently said that you never want Lindsay Lohan’s name spoken in the same sentence as yours—Paris, say three nice things about Lindsay Lohan.”


She paused, said “she’s beyond,” which Cohen followed up by saying, “that’s a pretty nice thing, to say that she’s beyond.” Then she continues the thought, “...lame and embarrassing.”

She also admits to “maybe” making out with Miley Cyrus in a Miami nightclub. Cute, if you forget for a moment that she loves Donald Trump.

That said, this is still a banger:


During a round of “Burning Questions” on Ellen, Taylor Swift told Ellen DeGeneres “the most rebellious thing she did as a teen” was “probably when I put Joe Jonas on blast on your show. That was too much. Yeah, that was too much. I was 18. We laugh about it now. That was mouthy, yeah, teenage stuff there.”

Personally, she should regret nothing. The 27-second breakup phone call? Come on.

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