'Access Hollywood' Will Bring Up Ryan Seacrest in Every Oscars Red Carpet Interview

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Ryan Seacrest will cling to tonight’s red carpet despite recent allegations that he serially harassed and then assaulted a former stylist, which an investigation by E! deemed inconclusive and Seacrest denied. Kelly Ripa supported him in a roundabout on-air proclamation that he is a “privilege to work with.”


Now Rob Silverstein, executive producer of “Access Hollywood,” has announced that he’s ordered hosts to bring up Ryan Seacrest in every interview; important question, incidentally expedient for a competing program. From Page Six:

...[Silverstein] will prep his hosts Scott Evans and Kit Hoover to grill nominees and other celebrities about the #MeToo movement and the politics surrounding it.

“And then,” he added, “we will ask them whether or not they will talk to Ryan Seacrest.”

Page Six has previously reported hearing that they probably won’t. Jennifer Lawrence told Howard Stern that she’s ambivalent about talking to him (she doesn’t “know about the Seacrest thing”) but in the same interview said that if they’re going to ask about Seacrest then networks need to also address Catt Sadler’s decision to leave E! over the gender wage gap. Please do that!

A beautifully executed on-stage proposal symbolizing LGBT progress facilitated by Demi Lovato, who summoned her friend, filmmaker and LGBT activist Shane Bitney Crone from a trap door under the stage. Crone told his boyfriend American Idol contestant Rayvon Owen:

“For too long, we’ve lived in fear and shame trying to hide who we are, so I want to take this moment for our friends...for thousands of people and proudly say that I love you and want to take care of you for the rest of my life.”


And then he asked, and Owen said yes, and Demi and I cried.


This is the finest acting I have seen in my whole entire life, until it escapes my internet goldfish brain and I see more acting!!! Timothée Chalamet, who co-starred with Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar, has committed a voicemail from McConaughey to memory, and it is spot fucking on.

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Perez Hilton can fuck right off.