Paris Hilton Doesn't Want To Say if She Voted For Donald Trump

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

As we gather as a nation this Tuesday in November to figure out precisely what kind of mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, let it be known that Paris Hilton voted –but she won’t say whether or not it was for Donald Trump or not.


The wily TMZ cameraman caught her at LAX en route to Mexico City to promote her latest fragrance and shoe line. Strolling casually through the airport wearing a hat that I can only describe as extra, she demurred when asked by the cameraman who she voted for. “My mother always told me not to talk about politics or money,” she says, smiling inscrutably.

As you’re surely aware, Paris Hilton’s family is friends with Donald Trump’s family. Donald Trump once said that he thought Paris Hilton was “beautiful” when she was 12. I bet you $5 and three donuts that Paris Hilton voted for Donald Trump. I’m glad we’ve had this conversation.


Maybe this juicy lil’ tidbit means something but most likely it doesn’t: Yahoo! Celebrity has noted that Tina Knowles, mother of Beyoncé and Solange, posted a photo on Instagram on Monday of her grandson, Julez, Jay-Z and Solange in an elevator. Then, she deleted it, “most likely because the momager realized that the Instagram pic would bring back memories of the now infamous beatdown Solange gave her brother-in-law back in 2014.”

Uh, really? Tina Knowles is not a momager, for starters. Second, while I guess that theory could hold like, a thimbleful of water at best, I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Remember that Tina’s Instagram is a treasure trove of mom content and step back, take a deep breath and think quietly to yourself how it was probably just a freakin’ mistake.

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Wouldn’t care or be surprised if PH voted Drumpf. I have bigger concerns that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris AND Rob Lowe are maybe Trump voters. It’s a niggling feeling and there was a CDAN blind about Pratt. They’re entitled to privacy and to vote how they like but I’m entitled to JUDGE them.