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Parental Consent Laws Discouraged 16 & Pregnant Teen From Getting An Abortion

On last night's episode, 17-year-old Cleondra was the second of her siblings to become pregnant as a teenager. In a rare moment for this show, Cleondra has a discussion with her mother about how she initially seriously considered abortion as an option, but was discouraged by Mississippi laws requiring either parental consent or a judicial bypass, that require her to go in front of the judge. As she puts it in this clip, that was "too crucial," whatever that means. Her mother—who is already supporting one grandchild—said she was "all for" Cleondra having the abortion, so Cleondra's explanation doesn't really make much sense. In the After Show on, she gives a different, strictly pro-life, explanation about her decision.


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I don't understand the point in this show anymore, this is the second girl in a row that was well versed in the fact that unprotected sex could lead to a baby and not only that but had her mother supporting her safe sex life with condoms and the like . There really is no excuse for Cleondra or Danielle (who had a mother who also taught her daughter about the consequences of unprotected sex). Are you supposed to feel bad for these girls who not only knew exactly how to prevent their situations but had people in their family that served as examples of the road you should not take in life. This is seriously baffling me, I want to say that they're just stupid ( or that maybe this is something they very much wanted), and I know that's mean, but they show no evidence of using their brains for anything but sending that sexual feeling to their nether regions.