Pampers And Cynthia Rowley Create Truly Designer Diapers

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Forget about those trashy denim diapers: Pampers by Cynthia Rowley arrives at Target in mid-July! There are eleven different styles, and "the pastel designs, including madras, stripes and printed ruffles, deliver the perfect blend of utility and aesthetics." [SMR]



Lemon Merangutan

I can't get behind cloth diapers : What if you really don't want pails of shitty/pissy cloth diapers all over your home soaking and stinking waiting for the at least once daily wash, which will expend hot water, electricity and for apartment dwellers $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry?

Imagine this though : Elimination Communication. There was a guest post on Offbeat Mama yesterday or maybe the day before by a woman who's baby has been diaper free since birth. That would legitimately be good for your finances and the environment, and can even be done part time.

as for fancy printed diapers, I bought the denim ones because my nephew and daughter are the same size and could split a box, and theres just not that many times that their diapers are exposed to make it worth my money.