You Can't Say Babies "Poop" On Television

The new Huggies ad campaign is almost like the baby answer to Kotex's tampon ads: replacing dreamy reverence with humor. Too bad ABC rejected the word "pooping"! Which even the Times will say.


Huggies is promoting its new denim-pattern diaper, which is supposed to double as pants. This will work either because "Moms love jeans," (the actual rationale!) or because pantslessness is the Zeitgeist.

Quoth The New York Times,

While the jeans diaper commercial, which is scheduled to run on May 31, was accepted by 13 networks, including NBC, TNT and E!, three others, ABC, ABC Family and Sprout, objected to screen text at the end of the spot that included the word "pooping," according to Huggies. (The brand did not seek to advertise on either CBS or Fox.) For those networks, the text was changed to, "When you gotta go, go in style."

Poop euphemisms: almost as fun as menstruation ones! But it's hard to imagine even Kotex being as cutely irreverent with vaginas as Huggies is being with baby's butts:

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But it'd be fun to try.

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I've never gotten the whole "poop" is inappropriate thing. My parents made us substitute "fart" with "shot a bunny", which, in my humble opinion, sounds way worse than "fart" does!