Oscar De La Renta Clarifies His Critique Of Michelle Obama

Oscar de la Renta visited The View this morning to explain that his words — regarding the cardigan Michelle Obama wore to meet Queen Elizabeth — were "ill chosen."


I didn't really think that what he said to begin with ("You don't go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater") was even much of a "critique": It's not like he's Joan Rivers, making mean cracks about women's appearances for the hell of it. At least he's qualified to voice an opinion on fashion in a fashion publication.

He used The View to amend his statement, saying that what he originally was trying to express is that Michelle Obama should be wearing more high-end items to high-end meet-and-greets in an effort to help out the fashion industry, which employs a lot of people. It makes business sense for him to say that, considering that the J.Crew outfits that Mrs. Obama wore on her trip to England have been selling out.



I think his critique, as such, makes sense — pictures of Michelle next to Carla Bruni in France made it clear that Michelle was down-dressing compared to her French counterpart. And I'm not try to say that it's inappropriate, as much as I'm trying to say that when you go on state visits, and you're the First Lady, I think you should dress up a little more.

Wearing J. Crew for appearances in America, or in meetings/events subsequent to that "first state meeting"? Totally acceptable. But I would like Michelle to look a little more formal when making these big first introductions.

I think tying this into supporting the "high-end fashion industry" is silly. That said, if she really wants to support American labor in the fashion industry, she should be dressing in American Apparel.

I just imagined that, and I feel squicked out.