Oscar de la Renta visited The View this morning to explain that his words โ€” regarding the cardigan Michelle Obama wore to meet Queen Elizabeth โ€” were "ill chosen."

I didn't really think that what he said to begin with ("You don't go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater") was even much of a "critique": It's not like he's Joan Rivers, making mean cracks about women's appearances for the hell of it. At least he's qualified to voice an opinion on fashion in a fashion publication.

He used The View to amend his statement, saying that what he originally was trying to express is that Michelle Obama should be wearing more high-end items to high-end meet-and-greets in an effort to help out the fashion industry, which employs a lot of people. It makes business sense for him to say that, considering that the J.Crew outfits that Mrs. Obama wore on her trip to England have been selling out.