Orange Is the New Black Stars Talk Friendship, On and Offscreen

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One of the greatest things about Netflx's Orange Is the New Black is the way it portrays lady friendship, which just isn't something you see on TV all that much. Danielle Brooks and Samira Wiley play everyone's favorites Taystee and Poussey respectively, and these almost painfully talented buddies go all the way back to New York's prestigious Juilliard School.


Wiley was in her second year when Brooks started, and they've been close ever since. "It’s very easy to work with Samira and the chemistry is amazing and we don’t have to work so hard," Brooks says.

On the similarities they share with their characters:

DANIELLE: I think Samira is very tell you how it is. She keeps it real with you and I think that’s the similarity between her Poussey. She does that with me.
SAMIRA: In the same way, I’m so attracted to Danielle and Taystee both and their light. Like you see that person and they’re glowing or shining because there’s something about them. Danielle has such an amazing spirit and light. I’m so happy she’s able to bring that to Taystee.

As for getting some recognition for their roles:

SAMIRA: I think for me the best part is that we’re not going through it alone. Having Danielle and all these great women on the show who are not big stars before this and have done mainly theater work and are just working actors in New York. Being able to have this big community where we can sit down and have brunch together and talk about the changes that are happening in our lives and have a support system within our cast. That really is what’s the most amazing part.
DANIELLE: It blew my mind too. All of this is happening and the response has been amazing. I think the most exciting part is being acknowledged for your work because we work really hard and we trained for this.

As for what's next for their characters:

SAMIRA: For me I don’t really have a particular choice or preference for where our storyline goes, I just want to make sure we delve deeper into finding out exactly who they are and getting into their back stories. I kind of trust the writers that we have on our show. I think they’re amazing and they probably have much better ideas than I could ever come up with.


Ahhh! I want to know!! I want to see more of both of their lives, so I hope their roles expand and take up most of the show. Taystee, Poussey, and Sophia. Bring it. (Also, the rest of Hollywood, cast them in everything all the time. America thanks you ahead of time.)

And just because we all need to relive the magic that is Taystee and Poussey, here are some clips (en Français SVP!) (obviously, spoilers):


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Jane, you ignorant slut.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Taystee and Poussey are cool, obvs. But they're not everyone's favorite - Sophia and Sister Ingalls' fabulous Christmas pageant-directing duo is pretty damn awesome, yo.

I also have a huge soft spot for Gloria. Bitch is badass.