Oprah: Moms Should Buy Vibrators For Teen Girls

Yesterday's Oprah was wonderfully progressive, teaching parents how to talk to their daughters about sex, which included encouraging them to discuss the importance of pleasure, masturbation, and (gasp!) the purchase of vibrators.

O's sex expert, Dr. Laura Berman, suggested that parents have a discussion about the basic mechanics of the male and female anatomies when their kids are around 10 or 11 years old. Then, when children are 14 or 15, parents should have an in-depth conversation about self-stimulation, and mention that one option includes vibrators.


Gayle and some of the moms in the audience were totally freaked out by this. Gayle said it was "too much information," but the whole point of the show was that kids are learning about sex in other places anyway, so parents should take the wheel and edify their spawn themselves to ensure they are getting accurate information.

Dr. Berman's argument to scared moms is that it's important that girls not only know about their own bodies but understand what it means to reach an orgasm. Because if they know what an orgasm is, and that they can do it for themselves, then they can own it, and they will know that they never have to depend on another person to make them feel that way.


Kamar Gore

This is a sad time for our nation. When Oprah speaks everyone listens even when it's WRONG WRONG WRONG! PEOPLE WAKE UP! ANYONE THAT HAS AN EAR, LET THEM HEAR. PARENTS, be more involved in the upbringing of your child. I'm not saying don't talk about sex to your kids because if you don't, they'll learn it in the streets and that can be detrimental. However, when they start asking, teach them. Pay attention to what they are listening to and what they are watching on tv. Monitor the things they are watching, listening to, and what they are viewing on the monitor of the computer. Stop leaving these devices to raise your kids.

Giving kids vibrators? To please themselves? Let me tell you.. This is not going to stop them from wanting the real thing. If anything it will make them want to find out about it more. The pleasing themselves part is a WHOA. Even the Bible says that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves (this includes women too) and that they will want to please themselves.Masturbation is SELF WORSHIP and SELF IDOLATRY. When is enough enough? We are becoming a society where anything goes. All in the name of Political Correctness and Tolerance, we are throwing truths, morals and the foundation of what this country was founded on, out the window. In turn, we are doing the same to our kids. Yes! I am a Christian and I refuse to follow the lies that Oprah preaches on her show. Let kids be kids, yet at the same time be more involved in their upbringing. Don't listen to Oprah. She's giving info that's sending souls to hell and she doesn't care.