Open Thread: Send Your Love to Carrie Fisher Who Is Reportedly in the Hospital Following a Heart Attack

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Please, please, please, be okay, Carrie Fisher. You are the light and the life.

TMZ reports that Carrie Fisher went into cardiac arrest shortly after noon on Friday, while on board a flight from London to Los Angeles. A passenger who identified as an EMT administered CPR after the crew asked for medical assistance. The emergency allegedly occurred just fifteen minutes before the plane landed in L.A.. At landing, she was reportedly “unresponsive” and it took fifteen minutes for paramedics to find a pulse. She has been taken to UCLA Medical Center and is on a ventilator.


Two actors in the First Class section with Fisher tweeted about the emergency:

A law enforcement source told NBC News that her condition was “not good.”

Carrie Fisher is a delightful fount of wisdom, humor, and my personal Animal Mom inspiration. Who else is capable of suddenly releasing such salacious gossip about their Star Wars experience, decades after the film’s release? She is a treasure, and we need her on this earth. Please share your well wishes, holiday greetings, or fav Fisher moments in the comments, and if Carrie Fisher reads this: I love you.

Update 6:34 pm [EST]:

Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd arrived at UCLA Medical Center not long after Fisher was brought in, according to TMZ. She brought Gary, Fisher’s bull dog, who was also on the plane with her during her attack.


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Carrie Fisher is a phenomenal writer. I read Postcards from the Edge and Surrender the Pink and Delusions of Grandma as a teen and more than many things (and I read a lot of things), they made me feel a lot less alone. People have been such dickheads to her of late because she dared to age past 19 and yet she is still gloriously witty and public and full of fuck-you.

You will notice that I am using the present tense because I want so badly for her to stay here with us. I wouldn’t blame her for leaving, but I’m crying my eyes out thinking of having to face all the garbage that’s coming without the likes of her.