When Carrie Fisher Told Harrison Ford She Was Writing About Their Affair, 'He Sort of Went, "Lawyer"'

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While promoting her upcoming book of journals, The Princess Diarist, on Today Monday morning, writer/actress/Penny Marshall’s best friend Carrie Fisher was asked about last week’s revelation that she and committed earring lover Harrison Ford had an affair in 1976, when he was still married to Mary Marquadt. “I don’t think it’s that surprising,” she said of the news.

Fisher then shared that she felt “sad” while revisiting her old journal entries—particularly the ones about Ford. “I was so insecure, and it’s very raw,” she said. “Obviously I didn’t expect anyone—including myself—to read it.” But after deciding they were good enough to be published, she got Ford (whom she describes as “incredibly private”) on the line.


“I told him I had found the journals and that I was going to publish them,” Fisher said. “He sort of went, ‘Lawyer.’”

Fisher’s response?

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Who is the guy in the middle in the top pic? His long fingernails and longing to be in the middle of that kiss are grossing me out.