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Chris Evans, located somewhere in the middle of Jezebel’s Chris rankings, got his dog Dodger a nice sweater for Christmas.

Isn’t it nice?

Doesn’t it look cozy?

Doesn’t it look stylish?

Doesn’t it look...familiar? 


Oh my.

Indeed, it seems Evans has procured his pet the same delightful chunky Celtic knitwear his character Ransom Drysdale wears in Knives Out. The sweater is so delightful, in fact, that it’s become something of a viral trend, and The New Yorker reports that people are buying ones like it like crazy, a cotton doppelgänger having already sold out at L.L. Bean. It’s unclear whether Dodger got a knockoff or the real deal, but either way, he’s a lucky and fashionable pup.

Did you get a Knives Out sweater? Did you get everything you thought you wanted this Christmas, or year, or lifetime? Do you want to befriend Dodger so he lets you pet him, sweater or not? Discuss below, and have a very happy holiday!

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