Oops, Britney Spears Endorsed Clinton, Then Took It Back

The photos on Britney Spears’s Instagram are generally a much-needed reprieve from the circus (not that Circus) that is the 2016 election. She uses the platform to share photos of herself, her kids, her milkshakes, art, Mars, water—you know, anything but presidential candidates. Until last night, that is, when she got political...and then suddenly didn’t.


Spears posted two photos of her with Hillary Clinton, whom she called an “inspiration” for women around the world. But in addition to the apolitical comments on Clinton’s character (she also called her an “intense presence”), The Daily Mail reports one caption originally included the hashtag “#ImWithHer.”

They write:

A short time after posting the picture, Spears removed her endorsement and deleted the hashtag ‘ImWithHer’


If asked for a comment, I imagine she’ll say, “It may have seemed like a crush, but it doesn’t mean that I was serious. ‘Cause to trim all my captions, that is just so typically me!”

[Daily Mail]

Khloe to Rob: “I miss you.”

Blac Chyna to Rob: I kiss you.

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