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Only 3 Minutes of This 10-Minute Long The Good Place Gag Reel are Funny, But Watch it Anyway

Image: NBC
Image: NBC

Gag reels should be light, funny and low-budget, not over-produced and slightly too eager, like this one for the first season of The Good Place is. Despite those brief shortcomings, there are some moments that are quite funny.

Yes, this is 10 minutes long, which is about 6 minutes over the acceptable gag reel length, but I’ve provided a handy guide on how to get through this efficiently.


Please ignore Adam Scott reprising his role of the Bad Place representative, Trevor, and skip to about 2:46 in to hear Jason Mendoza (Manny Jacinto) riff on the vanity license plates he had back on Earth. Jog ahead to 4:59 to hear Chidi (William Jackson Harper) call one of Eleanor (Kristen Bell’s) gaseous emissions “Mediterranean.” Zip right along to 5:49 for a pleasant few minutes of everyone’s favorite human operating system Janet, riffing. Skip the rest of it if you want, or watch it because Ted Danson’s in it and he’s amazing—also feel free to ignore the outro with Trevor, because really, it’s not necessary.

There you go! You did it. You laughed. You saw the funny and skipped the bad.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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since i’ve gotten hooked on the good place, i’ve had several ~sexual~ dreams about all the men in that show...and tahani... and maybe one about janet.

am i ok?