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A man has been shot during what started out as a peaceful protest in Charlotte following the death of Keith Lamont Scott Tuesday afternoon.

CBS News reports and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed on Twitter that the incident was not an “officer-involved” shooting.


The victim was taken to a local hospital. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney initially said that the victim died from his injuries, but the city of Charlotte later clarified that the person who was shot is actually on life support and in critical condition.


The live video from WBTV shows a phalanx of police officers dressed in riot gear in the middle of an intersection, once again outnumbering the protestors. A protestor told WBTV that the night’s protests started out peacefully, but the police started firing tear gas into the crowd without provocation. “They were really rude. They were even rude during our prayers,” she said.

Joe Bruno, a reporter at WSOC in Charlotte, said on Twitter that the shooting took place near the Omni Hotel, with police, media and demonstrators a “couple feet” away. The Associated Press reports that immediately after the shooting, protestors threw “bottles, dirt lots and fireworks” at the officers. The police responded by firing “flash grenade and then tear gas” in retaliation.

In the ensuing chaos, CNN reporter Ed Lavendera was nearly knocked over by a protestor.

The local NBC affiliate reports that at least 7 CMPD officers have been taken to hospitals for injuries.


Update 10:13 pm: Footage from CNN shows protestors attacking police vans as police continue to deploy tear gas and pepper spray in what looks to be a diminishing crowd.

Deadspin is live on the scene and broadcasting on Periscope. Watch below.


Update 11:08 pm: A graphic video purportedly taken during or immediately after the shooting has surfaced.

Various reports from members of the media on the ground indicate that reporters and cameramen were also injured.


As the events continued to unfold in Charlotte, protestors set fire in the middle of an intersection and a cameraman appeared to be injured as a result.

Local CW affiliate WCCB reported that protestors tried to throw a photographer into the fire.


North Carolina governor Pat McCrory is sending state troopers to Charlotte at the request of police Chief Kerr Putney.


In New York, Black Lives Matter demonstrators have taken to the streets in protest.

Update 11:20 p.m.:

North Carolina governor Pat McCroy has declared a state of emergency “upon the request of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s police chief.”


This story is developing and will be updated.