Omarosa Will Join Donald Trump in the White House to Focus on Public Engagement

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Photo: Getty

Well this should be something: Donald Trump’s director of African-American outreach, Omarosa Manigault, has landed her second job in the White House.


The AP reports that Omarosa–she prefers to go by her first name only–has been hired for a position that will focus on public engagement. Considering the fact that this administration is shaping up to be as opaque as possible, preferring to let their leader incite nuclear panic via Twitter instead of leading, do they even need Omarosa? If Trump will be allowed to mash his tiny fingers into his keyboard to tweet, what’s the point of this anyway?

As described on its website, the Office of Public Engagement focuses on transparency and holding the government accountable for its actions. For the next two weeks or so, Valerie Jarrett is in charge. While Omarosa’s role official role has not been reported yet, the fact that she will be in charge of attempting to create meaningful public discourse and engender transparency and trust doesn’t inspire much hope.

Earlier this summer, when Donald Trump’s presidency was nothing more than a hazy fever dream, Omarosa Manigault issued what felt like a thinly-veiled threat in a Frontline documentary that aired on PBS: “every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump.” Nothing about that is very reassuring to me.

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Valerie Malone

I remember her from the first season of civilian Apprentice. Omarosa was arguing with a teammate who, at one point, said, “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” Omarosa accused the other woman of being racist because...she used the word black? After the episode aired or she was fired, she gave several interviews claiming the woman had said other racist things and had used the n word. Mark Burnett and even Asshole came out and said there was no footage of the woman saying anything remotely racist but Omarosa kept insisting she had said these things.

Tl;dr Omarosa is a fucking idiot who will fit in just fine with this shitty clown car of an administration.