Olivia Wilde Is Moving in With Harry Styles and Posting About Their (Professional) Love

Oh my GOD hello, excuse me, please put down your coffee and pay attention to two very interesting bits of information regarding the love between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles.

First: Miss Wilde spent Valentine’s Day moving all of her shit out of Jason Sudeikis’s house and into Harry’s home!! I personally do not have access to the photos, but Page Six does, and they are as “good” as one might expect: Olivia Wilde, dressed down, throwing rolling suitcases and designer duffle bags into the back of her car, so that she might toot toot her way to the arms of her younger lover, Harry.

I have to say that being engaged to anyone for as long as she was to Sudeikis (over seven years, are you kidding) would drive even the most reasonable person up a wall, but maybe marriage was never their bag anyway and the engagement was some gesture towards making a “family” for their two children. Again, I don’t know anything about what happened between them, as it is none of my business, but what I will say is that I’m happy that she’s happy enough now to post gushy lil’ tributes that are cloaked in professionalism, like this one, below:


Read this nice Instagram post she wrote about her man doing the big work of playing second fiddle to Florence Pugh.

Per Wilde’s caption, man actors aren’t interested in playing second fiddle to a woman (ha ha, surprise), but not her beautiful Harry!! Cute!! I love this love or whatever they are wanting to call this, I shan’t be putting labels on their personal business as it is theirs and not mine. [Instagram / Page Six]

More trouble for the big church for celebrities: it seems Hillsong’s founder, Brian Houston, is starting to distance himself from the church following uh, alll the bad stuff: a “ barrage of multi-million dollar international lawsuits, his wife’s apology for body-shaming slurs and a hard-partying top staffer flaunting wild extramarital sex romps,” per the New York Post.


He addressed this during a “Vision Sunday” service, noting that, essentially, it’s not you, it’s me:

“So you know, this year is our 38th year since Bobbie and I started out here in the Hills,” said Houston during the second Vision Sunday service of the weekend. “I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching and praying about the future and the way ahead.”

Due to the speed of Hillsong’s global growth, he explained, it’s become “unsustainable for us to be able to lead everything that we’re leading right now. I want to be looking at ways we can share that load.”


Houston and his wife Bobbie, who apparently wrote an offensive book full of sex advice, are passing the buck to a man named Gary Clarke, who is the head of Hillsong’s UK division. Curiously, Houston’s children will not be taking over the family business, as it was assumed they would, but maybe that’s because the entire church is a freakin’ mess and the easiest thing to do is exit ASAP as best you can! [New York Post]

  • Yay, Teresa Giudice and her new man, Juicy Joe: The Reckoning bought a big and beautiful French country manor deep in the woods of Montville Township, New Jersey. [TMZ]
  • The Lord Disick is doing that “I’m having a panic attack because I’m nearing 40" thing, as evidenced by his recent decisions to bleach his hair and to go Instagram-official with Amelia Hamlin, 19.[People]
  • Of course Machine Gun Kelly wears a lil’ necklace with a drop of Megan Fox’s blood floating in it. Naturally. [Page Six]

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Of course Machine Gun Kelly wears a lil’ necklace with a drop of Megan Fox’s blood floating in it. Naturally.

This is very Dollar Tree Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie.