Olivia Newton-John Announces Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Postpones Tour

Olivia Newton-John announced Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer that has metastasized to her sacrum and is postponing her planned United States and Canadian tour.


Newton-John made the announcement via Facebook. People reports that the singer initially postponed her tour two weeks ago due to back pain which she thought was sciatica, but tests revealed that it was cancer that had spread.

Despite this highly upsetting and unsettling news, Newton-John is staying optimistic. Per the Facebook post, she’s treating her cancer with “natural wellness therapies” and a “short course of photon radiation therapy” and remains confident that she’ll be good to go later this year, “better than ever.”


Send good thoughts, positive vibes and whatever else you might believe in to Newton-John for a swift recovery.


Oh my god, whatever fuckery it is that Scott Disick is doing with the
mysterious brunettes and the groping and the public handsiness is going to get him in big trouble with the Kardashians if he doesn’t quit it right this instant.

From People:

“I don’t want to say that Scott is out of control, but yeah, he’s out of control. He’s making a lot of choices that aren’t the best thing for him or his family...He’s going pretty wild, and I’ve told him that his wild behavior is going to cost him his family if he’s not careful.”


Here is a list of all the women Lord Disick has been gross with in an attempt to exact revenge on Kourtney Kardashian:  Chantal Jeffries, Sofia Richie, Chloe Bartoli, a “mystery brunette,” a blogger named Maggie Petrova and freaking Bella Thorne. Apparently Kourtney won’t let him see his children until he stops doing whatever...this is, and to that I say: GOOD.

Scott, my dude, get it together.


Just a brief update from Selma Blair.


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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Olivia, please use more actual medical treatment and less alternative medicine horseshit.