Olivia Jade Won't Return Aunt Becky's Phone Calls

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Olivia Jade Giannulli—the 19-year-old YouTuber and Instagram influencer whose parents, actor Lori Loughlin and designer Mossimo Giannulli, bought her way into USC as part of the ongoing college admissions scandal dubbed Operation Varsity Blues—has been hiding out in Malibu with her singer/songwriter boyfriend Jackson Guthy and refuses to speak to her parents, according to Us Weekly.


An insider told the tabloid that Jade has gone radio silent, save for her finsta:

“Olivia has been staying with her boyfriend in Malibu. She’s not talking to her parents right now. Olivia hasn’t been out with friends. She is completely in hiding right now. Olivia is posting private Stories on her Instagram, using the only-close-friends option, to share her days on social media with her close circle.”

Another person allegedly close to Jade said she “feels she is the victim”:

“[She] is still very upset at her parents. A lot of Olivia’s friends have been telling her not to be mad at her parents since they were just trying to do the best they could for her, but she doesn’t listen. Olivia feels she is the victim.”

Loughlin and Giannulli were indicted in federal court earlier this month over allegations that they paid over $500,000 to secure both Olivia and their other daughter, the 20-year-old Bella, admission to the University of Southern California. The parents are scheduled to appear in court on April 3.

So what’s next for Ms. Jade? Some thoughts:

  • She continues to give her parents the silent treatment with the exception of a tearful court appearance next week. Once the trial is over, she immediately rushes home to publish a 30-minute long, monetizable apology video to her very successful YouTube channel, in which she thanks her subscribers for their support and suggest new viewers “hit that like and subscribe, below.”
  • She re-brands as a bad kid and launches an inevitably lackluster music career full of self-referential raps about the disadvantages of incredible privilege.
  • She continues her social media silence... until Coachella weekend. She’s only human, guys!

In all seriousness, if Olivia and Bella truly had no idea their parents engaged in criminal activities to get them into school, they are victims in all of this. To be honest, if they knew how deep this went, maybe they would’ve worked harder to convince their parents they shouldn’t go to college after all. 

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As an Old who doesn’t get the whole “private Stories on Instagram, I want to roll my eyes a little bit at that because there’s never anything truly private on the internet. But honestly, whatever gets her through.

She may be impossibly privileged, and breezily certain that she doesn’t need further education, and that’s a bit mockable in and of itself, but her parents did commit fraud and she’s not obligated to forgive them for that. I hate it when people pull out the “you have to forgive your parents because they’re your parents.” No, you don’t. Sometimes forgiveness takes time, and may never come.

She was certain her life was going in a definite trajectory, and not it’s not, as a direct result of actions of others. I can’t blame her for circling the metaphorical wagons for a bit to take stock of her life.

That said, if its found she was complicit, all my sympathy will go out the window.